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This documentation assumes Gale is up and running on your system, but that you have no idea how to use it. It is unfortunately incomplete, but something is better than nothing.

Start here! This step-by-step illustrated tutorial walks you through the process of sending and receiving messages.
Gale messages are assigned locations to help users see only the messages that interest them. This guide explains what locations are, describes their syntax, and offers plenty of examples. It is oriented towards users upgrading from older versions of Gale, but should be understandable by new users.
Entering Newbie's Guide About Gale Etiquette (ENGAGE)
Mind your manners.
Encryption and Security
"Real Soon Now"
Tracking Other Users
How to snoop on your friends.
Creating user sub-locations
Setting up sublocations for a Gale user id.


Configuration Variables
Gale allows the user to set configuration variables in the environment or configuration files. These variables control many aspects of Gale's behavior, allowing you to customize your Gale environment to suit your needs. This list describes all the available variables.
gsend Reference
All about the command-line interface to sending Gale messages.
gsub Reference
All about the command-line interface for receiving Gale messages.